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Visiting controller EDFF

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Welcome to the Regional Group of Frankfurt!

You already have at least the S3 rating (for vACC Germany members) or the C1 rating (for non-vACC Germany members) and would like to have a position permission for Frankfurt Airport (EDDF) or our center position? Then you are welcome to apply to become a visiting controller at RG Frankfurt.


  • S3 rating (for vACC Germany members) or the C1 rating (for non-vACC Germany members)
  • Letter of recommendation of your home vACC staff for non-vACC Germany members
  • English language skills are necessary
  • A minimum of German language skills is helpful. VFR flights can be operated in German in our airspace

An introductory session for EDDF TWR is needed before starting to control at EDDF. Similarly, another session is needed for APP and later for CTR. To get an introductory session for Frankfurt Approach you have to control at least 10 hours online on Frankfurt Tower within 6 months. The situation is similar with the Center briefing, which requires at least 10 hours on Frankfurt Approach.

For our minor airports (EDDS, EDFH, EDFM, EDSB, EDTL, ...), you will need a short sim or online session on EDDS_TWR/APP as well (TWR/APP can be a combined session here). This is to determine any differences in controlling practices between your home vACC and vACC Germany and accustom you to our general local procedures. If you have already passed a session for Frankfurt (EDDF), you automatically gain permissions for the minor airports, though.

If a visiting air traffic controller does not control on any of the approved positions for a period of 6 months, the authorizations may be withdrawn by the Senior Mentor or the Chief of Staff of RG Frankfurt. The status of Visiting Air Traffic Controller may also be deleted by the head of the ATC Training Department.

Because we receive a lof of requests, we might have to add you to a standby list first, depending on mentoring availabilities.

We are looking forward to reading your application!

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