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We are pleased if you would like to join as a visiting controller from another regionalgroup or even vACC, VATSIM Germany or any other regionalgroup and support one or more of our regionalgroups with your ATC skills.

Here you will find an overview of what prerequisites and waiting times you need to bring as a visiting controller in our individual regional groups:

Regionalgroup Berlin Bremen Düsseldorf Frankfurt München
vACC Germany
S2 S2 S2 S3 C1
other vACC
S3 S3 can't be accepted at the moment C1 C1
Expected waiting time Depending on current workload Depending on current workload
currently low
Depending on current workload
currently high
Depending on current workload
currently high
6 month
Recommendation from a vACC-Staff required No No,
only in exceptions
No Yes,
for members of other VACCs
Learning Path Start with EDDB TWR EDDW, EDDV, EDDH to the level of education of the trainee,
after that for CTR EDWW_A_CTR
EDDL: TWR / APP after 10h TWR - EDDK: TWR / APP
CTR: after 10h APP
TWR 10h
APP 10h
Minimum hours to maintain the visiting controller status 10h in
6 month
2 sessions in
6 month
1 session in
3 month
10h in
6 month
10h in
90 days
Remarks - - - - -
Contact persons Robin Karthäuser Sören Jung Daniel Tilly Michael Eyecold Heinz Andersen

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the contact person for visiting controller in your desired regionalgroup.

You will also find further information in the visiting controller section of the respective regionalgroup: