Flughafen Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden SOP

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Airport data


  • CTR Karlsruhe (Control zone) – from ground level up to 2500 MSL

General airport information

  • Elevation: 409ft
  • Runway: 03/21 | 3000x45m ASPHALT/CONCRETE
  • RWY 21 CAT III certified, RWY 03 only CAT I
  • Latest Charts always available here (DFS AIP)
  • RWY 21 is preferred for usage up to a tailwind component of 5 knots


All positions at EDSB are taxi-out positions, no pushback is required. Positions 18 - 27 are only for Code C aircraft (max. B739/A321), Positions 18A and 19A can be used up to Code D (B764). Bigger aircraft can park between Positions 18 and 21, parallel to the taxiway, that is closed as long as this traffic is parked there. Aprons 4 is close to the GAT used for GA traffic, Apron 3 should be used for Buisness GA traffic.

SID Assignment

Karlsruhe Ground will also issue the IFR/Start-Up clearence. Usually the RNAV SID (Designator Y and Z) should be used primary. Non-RNAV capable aircraft will get SIDs with Designator N or P.


Departing IFR traffic usually switches to departure frequency without separate instruction, immediately when airborne. Sometimes the pilot should be reminded when T/O clearance is issued.

  • VFR departures leaving CTRs: exit via ECHO, NOVEMBER, or SIERRA
  • VFR departures entering CTRs: enter via BRAVO, ROMEO or WHISKEY

VFR Traffic Pattern east of the airport for traffic > 5,7 t MTOW (D-Cxxx) are only authorized at minimum 2000ft MSL and should not cross the highway (A5).


The primary approach sector for EDSB is EDDS_N_APP (STG) and Strasbourg Approach secondy, if STG is not online. There are ILS, RNP and NDB approaches available for each runway, while the ILS RWY 21 is the only one that can be used during LVO.


East of EDSB the mountains raise the MVA up to 6100ft MSL. A detailed MVA chart is available on the MVA chart of LFST (Strasbourg) or inside the ES Map.