First Steps for ATCO

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How do I become a virtual Air Traffic Controller (ATC)?

Becoming an Air Traffic Controller, even if it’s just a virtual one, requires quite a bit of knowledge and skill. The following text shall present an overview of what you are about to face and at the same time show you the first steps required to begin your training.​

First thing to know is that becoming an ATC is not something you can do effortlessly. You need to be willing to learn and to invest some time in order to make Air Traffic Controlling fun and professional for you and others.​

Is prior knowledge required?

Except for a certain degree of knowledge of the English language, no it is not.​

Nevertheless, a good spatial sense, the ability to concentrate and patience will help.​

What do I need to begin my training?

A VATSIM Account


You probably already have this (continue at 3.2). If you don’t, you can register here.​

During the registration you will be asked to choose a Region and a Division. You need to select the following:​

Region: Europe​

Division: Europe (except UK)​

The next step is to have your VATSIM account assigned to the correct country/vACC. You can do that at Choose "Germany" as you vACC.​

Already registered

Please check your vACC Assignment at [1]. Should you current vACC not be "Germany" please choose "Germany" as your vACC.​

Registration with VATSIM Germany and the VATSIM Germany Forum

You have probably already done this, too. Registration is easily done at While at it, register an account for the forum as well, you will need it.​

Joining a Regional Group

This is an important step – you need to decide which Regional Group you want to join in order to begin your training. The different Regional Groups train their ATCs at different airports.​

  • Berlin trains at EDDT,​
  • Bremen trains at EDDH and EDDW,​
  • Düsseldorf trains at EDDL,​
  • Frankfurt trains at EDDS and EDDF,​
  • München trains at EDDN and EDDM.​

Having chosen a Regional Group you can join it by sending a request on the homepage ("My Memberships" -> "Regional Groups"). Please send out only one request. When asked for your motivation, do not forget to mention “ATC-Training”.​

Request a Basic Lesson

Once your Regional Group has approved your join request, you will be able to access the Regional Group's subforum. ATC training will (until further notice) be organized through these and they also are the place you can request your Basic Lesson at (using the Regional Group's “Training-Request” Thread).​