First Steps for ATCO

From VATSIM Germany

How do I become a virtual air traffic controller?

Even a virtual air traffic controller requires a lot of knowledge and skills. The following lines are intended to give you an overview of what you're getting into and how you're getting started to begin your education.

To take it straight away, this is no mean thing by the way. It takes a little time and will to learn to offer for yourself and others fun and professionalism.

Are previous knowledge required?

Except reasonably to master the English language: no.

However, good spatial imagination, concentration and patience are beneficial.

What do I need to start my education?

1.a) A VATSIM account

You probably already have it (so continue with 1.b). If not, you can register here.​

As you log in, you will be asked for a region and division. Here the following information must be entered:

  • Region: Europe​
  • Division: Europe (except UK)​

Next you need to assign your VATSIM account to the correct country (or the right vACC). This is currently only possible through an e-mail to VATEUD.

Write an e-mail to members[at]vateud[dot]net with the following text and replace the red marked digits with your data: ​

Dear Membership Director of VATEUD,​

My name is NAME (VATSIM ID).
I would like you to adjust my membership data to show:​ Europe - Europe (except UK) - Germany vACC/vARTCC​.

Thanks a lot, NAME

This assignment can take a few hours to days, but is really important later in the training process, so you can continue directly after sending the mail and do not have to wait for a response from VATEUD.

1.b) VATSIM access (already available)

Please check your ACC-assignment at​, replacing xxx with your VATSIM ID​.​

If you are missing the entry "Germany vACC/vARTCC", you also have to send an e-mail to VATEUD (see step 1.a).

2.) Registration at VATSIM Germany as well as VATSIM Germany Forum and WIKI

You also probably already did that. Registration is easy via "Login" at

Get a Forum and WIKI account right away, you'll need them.

3.) Joining a Regionalgroup

Now comes an important step - you have to decide in which regional group you would like to start your education. The different regional groups train at different airports.

  • RG Berlin trains in Berlin-Tegel (EDDT)
  • RG Bremen trains in Hamburg (EDDH)
  • RG Düsseldorf trains in Düsseldorf (EDDL)
  • RG Frankfurt trains in Stuttgart (EDDS) and Frankfurt (EDDF)
  • RG München trains in Nürnberg (EDDN) and München (EDDM)

​ After you have decided on a regional group you can join this one here. Please send only one regional group an accession request. In your motivation, best mention the word "ATC-Training".​

4.) Apply for the Basic Lesson

Once your regional group has processed the membership request, you can access the sub-forum of your regional group in the forum. For the time being the training will be organized through these forums and you can also request your basic lesson there (in the respective training request thread).