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Function Name / PM (Department) E-Mail VATSIM-ID
RG Chief Lars Tönning 1277097
RG Deputy Daniel Tilly 1059148
Head of Mentors David Zeiger 1238939
Senior Mentor Tim Klein 1109074
Senior Mentor Daniel Tilly 1059148
Mentor Ann-Christin Schnarre 1440668
Mentor Leonardo Grani 1195314
Mentor Patrick Naber 1083033
Head of Event Maurice Szmudzinksi 1332208
Event Co-Worker Meinolf Hoehler 940702
Event Co-Worker Daniel Tilly 1059148
Head of NAV Tim Klein 1109074
NAV Co-Worker (Charts) Ulrich Karp 813274
NAV Co-Worker Daniel Tilly 1059148
NAV Co-Worker Lars Tönning 1277097

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