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Funktion Name / PN (Bereichs) E-Mail Adresse VATSIM-ID
RG Chief Pascal Seeler 1271398
RG Deputy Andreas Stender 1413584
Lead Mentor Maxim Redlinger 1302911
Senior Mentor Pascal Seeler 1271398
Senior Mentor Robin Karthäuser 1169225
Senior Mentor Hannes Altmann 1395737
Mentor Christoph Stadtmüller 1306829
Mentor Andreas Stender 1413584
Mentor Manuel Pick 1465242
Mentor Tim Gerstenberg 1477025
Mentor Sven Czarnian 1472583
Event Chief Tim Gerstenberg 1477025
Event Member Manuel Pick 1465242
Event Member Luciano Hausmann 1468202
Event Member Tjark Brendel 1481566
NAV Chief (GNG, Plugins) Sven Czarnian 1472583
NAV Member (Wiki) Martin Staggat 1266189
NAV Member (LoA) Philipp Edlich 1081694
NAV Member (GNG) Luis Kade 1476184
NAV Member (ATIS) Daniel Brueggemann 1331466
NAV Member (LoA, Wiki) Hannes Altmann 1395737

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